Mumebo Weekly – Episode 6


In Episode 6 of Mumebo Weekly – a video series highlighting some of the most interesting and useful lessons available on Mumebo – I am presenting the following 2 lessons:

Beginner Guitar Handouts (0:12)
by Domnik Mack
A starter package for guitar teachers. Sheets you can give to your beginner students, covering some of the most basic terms and topics that every guitar students needs to know. Topics include: Parts of the guitar, playing position, fret and finger numbers, how to hold a pick, fingerstyle basics, how to read tabs and chord diagrams, chords, strumming patterns and more.

Cello Orchestra and Timpani Tchaikovsky from Swan Lake cover
For Cello Ensemble:
Tchaikovsky – Excerpt from Swan Lake – for Cello Orchestra and Timpani (1:30)
by Ekke Hessenbruch
This arrangement is written in a way that cello students of all levels can participate. The higher voices are advanced while cello 5 (see preview) is very simple. This way students at a beginner level can participate. Included are PDFs of score and parts.

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